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As we age, the sun damage we subjected our skin to in our youth starts to come out in many ways, including the formation of pesky little brown spots. These spots can also form from use of specific prescription medications, pregnancy and long-term use of birth control. What a lot of people don't realize is that we can get rid of these spots.

Spot Removal $50

A gentle, heated tip will be applied to the spot. This will damage the upper layer containing the pigment. The skin will go through the healing process then the pigmented areas will "flake" off. Depending on how long the spot has been there and how pigmented it is, more than one treatment may be required to acheive best results.

*Duration 15 minutes*

Things to note before your scheduled Spot Removal

Treated areas will look worse before they look better. Spots will immediately appear darker, meaning you had a good response. You can wear mineral make-up right away to cover these spots, but the "flaking" process can take up to two weeks. Take care to plan accordingly with special events and outings.