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Lash Lifting changes the structure and texture of the natural lash by giving it a "curl". This procedure is an excellent alternative to eyelash extensions as it is more cost effective and lower maintenance. An eyelash tint is included in this service as it gives the lashes an even more dramatic appearance. 

Lash Lift $125

First your lashes will be set with gentle gel adhesive. Next the perm solutions will be applied. Last is the tint.

*Duration 1 hour*

Results last 6-8 weeks with proper care

Things to note before your scheduled Lash Lift:

Lashes MUST NOT get wet for 24 hours after the service. The lashes will not set properly if they do not remain dry. Because of this, it is not recommended that you work out or swim for the first 24 hours. Clients with allergies or watery eyes may want to take some allergy medication prior to their scheduled appointment to reduce watering of the eye. This will ensure a successful lift!

NOTE: If you have any concerns about a possible allergic reaction, you may consider scheduling a patch test prior to your appointment.