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Eyebrow Tinting $25

Jennifer will customize the perfect color to enhance your eyebrows.

This service is excellent for those who have a significant amount of gray or white hairs in the brow or for those who have light-colored brow hair and would like for their brows to show up better.

As we age, many of us begin to notice the ends or "tails" of the eyebrow tend to lighten and lose hair. This can make the brows appear more sparse than you might like. Tinting can help even out the color of your brows so you can see the entire shape and they are the same color throughout.

*Duration 15 minutes*

Tinting typically lasts 30-40 days.

Lash Tinting $35

Lash tinting is a quick, easy way to make the eyes appear more "awake". The lashes are dyed a deep black color that instantly makes it appear as if you have mascara on. This service makes a dramatic difference for those with light-colored eyelashes and is a great service for those looking for a more dramatic appearing eye. Lash tinting is a very popular service before vacations as it reduces the need for mascara!

*Duration 30 minutes*

Tinting typically lasts 30-40 days.

NOTE: If you have any concerns about a possible allergic reaction, you may consider coming in for a patch test prior to your appointment.